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Jonathan Muroya for Fatherly

Comedian and Actor Michael Yo: I Loved Your Values. I Still Do.

Love letters are wasted on youth. No matter what artistry and passion go into the prose you once laid out for your lover, the letters lack, well, life experience. When you devote yourself to someone, partner with them, and have a child together, then you have something to write about. Before, you were stumbling in passion. Now, you’ve truly found love. In Found Love, we celebrate the unique love partners feel for the mother of their children.


Dear Claire,

What would I be without you by my side? When I was in the intensive care unit for eight days due to COVID last year, you drove by the hospital every single day with the kids and sent me messages just so I could know that you were there for me. I didn’t tell you how serious it was in the hospital. And you didn’t tell me that you and the kids had COVID, too. You knew I would have been crushed if I knew what was happening to everyone, so you didn’t say anything. There you were with our four-month-old daughter and four-year-old son, taking care of everyone by yourself. Nobody could see me in the hospital and nobody could see you at home. I was alone and you were alone but you made us feel as connected as possible. 

You are, and have always been, the most selfless person I’ve ever known. You’re just so kind to everyone. And I’m the guy that’s always like, ‘Wait a minute, let’s look at this. Are they trying to take advantage of you?’ We complement each other that way. I’m more skeptical. But you make me a more caring person. That’s why we’re the perfect couple.

I knew I wanted to marry you on our first date. I’d never met anyone like you. You were so family-first. After our first date, I didn’t know if we’d be together, but I knew I loved your values. I knew you’d be an incredible mom. And you had faith that I would be an incredible dad. 

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That was seven years ago and we were both on the same page. And here we are, the parents of two beautiful children. You’re the leader of this house — always present, always leading by example, always willing to do whatever it takes to get everyone through whatever it is we’re facing. 

How do I know? Because I see it and feel it every day. I see it in even the smallest interactions you have with the kids. You bring something no one else can bring. And I feel it when you leave me with the kids. When you’re absent, it’s a whole different ball game. I see the drop-off. I’m playing JV league. You’re All-American hall of fame. 

I am so happy you are here. You’ve taught me so much and I continue to learn from you every day. I’ve also learned that I need to listen to you all the time. Because, of course, you’re always right. 



Michael Yo is an actor, comedian, and television host. He currently hosts the Morning Yo podcast and performs at comedy clubs around the country. He lives in Los Angeles, with his wife, Claire, and their two children, Oliver and Elise.