5 Cannabis Users That Break the Mold

Stubborn stoner stereotypes persist, but the crowd at your local dispensary likely includes some unexpected folks.

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The snack-guzzling, couch imprint-creating stoner stereotype might stubbornly persist in pop culture, but most modern cannabis consumers aren’t Harold and Kumar. (Or Cheech and Chong. Or Jay and Silent Bob.) From active moms to former members of the military, the era of increasingly liberalized attitudes towards and laws regulating cannabis means that people from all walks of life are able to enjoy its myriad benefits.

So while there’s nothing wrong with an occasional night spent eating chips and watching comedies, it’s hardly the only way to consume cannabis. With a doctor’s recommendation, many people are incorporating cannabis into their wellness routines for various purposes. Here are five kinds of folks breaking the mold of what a typical cannabis user is.

The Fit Mom

Regular exercise is a routine that has benefits for body and mind, and it’s especially useful for parents with demanding jobs that need to carve out time for themselves in their schedule. Like cannabis, appropriate physical activity is often recommended for people experiencing chronic pain. It’s only natural, then, that some people would try both, particularly given that some people use cannabis for chronic pain, relief of which could help some parents exercise more comfortably during their time at the gym, spin class, or wherever they break a sweat.

The Playful Pop

Cannabis can be an incredible tool for creativity, helping you to approach both artistic endeavors and problem solving with an open and more accepting mind. Medical cannabis users should sit down with their kids’ more creative toys—from building bricks to modeling clay—every once in a while to create something that might impress their kids and inspire them to pursue their own creative pursuits.

The Veteran

Last year the House Committee on Veterans Affairs passed bills ordering the Veterans Administration to research the potential benefits of cannabis to physical ailments related to active duty and allow VA doctors to complete state-level medical cannabis recommendation paperwork. The bill stalled, but the work of groups like Veterans for Cannabis, which has collected first-person stories from veterans who also use cannabis, continues.

The Elite Athlete

Some serious athletes say that cannabis isn’t the impediment to their physical conditioning one might expect. From ultramarathoners to triathletes, more world-class competitors are opening up about how they’ve incorporated cannabis into training regimens that go beyond the standard level of physical fitness everyone should maintain.

The Haute Gourmand

The relaxation of cannabis laws in states across the country has led gourmet chefs, as experimental a bunch as you can find in any industry, to employ cannabis as an ingredient in decidedly high-end tasting menus, pop-up dinners, and other high-falutin’ culinary endeavors through the addition of carefully measured quantities of products like flavored and unflavored tinctures. It’s clear that not all cannabis consumers are restricting their culinary ambitions to junk food.

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