The Biggest Parenting Lesson I Learned During COVID

Time moves too quickly for parents. But during quarantine, for so many like myself, time moves very slowly. I've learned to simply exist in it.

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A father playing with his daughter during COVID

Everyone says it, of course:

It goes by so fast—enjoy it. regretfullong — pandemic-induced quarantinefasternap timeThis story was submitted by a Fatherly reader. Opinions expressed in the story do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Fatherly as a publication. The fact that we’re printing the story does, however, reflect a belief that it is an interesting and worthwhile read.

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It goes by so fast.climate clockbe enjoy it, tomorrow,Deathso consumed by workforgiving of myselfenjoying itplenty Ryan Croken is a writer, educator, and father. He teaches at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and is currently working on a book of poems written in the voice of his cat, Zams.

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