Why You Should Hang Out Naked With Your Wife More Often

Yeah, it'll increase your odds for sex. But stripping down with your spouse does so much more.

Yes, it leads to sex. But getting naked is good for you. Seriously. It’s been reported that spending time in the buff keeps irritants off the skin and encourages healthy blood flow. It can also help keep your body temperature down, which has been linked to healthier sleep patterns. Studies show that sleeping naked can even help boost metabolism, and keep excess weight off. Meanwhile, wearing underwear has been known to cause swamp crotch. Stripping down to your bare bits can keep you and your genitals happy and healthy, and that’s certainly a goal worth striving for.

Speaking of genitals, and the potential they possess when freed from the burden of clothing, maybe it’s time to talk about sex. Sure, getting naked often operates as a prerequisite for sex. But it’s important to address the other ways in which nudity can help enhance the sexual experience. Skin to skin contact, for instance, can inspire the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with empathy, generosity, and orgasm. Nudity is also often associated with body confidence. One study found that spending more time naked can help increase body image, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Naturally, the more comfortable we are with ourselves, the more comfortable we will be with a partner. And that feat, small as it may seem, will land us at a lot more successful sexual encounters.

“Stripping down is a great way to practice feeling more comfortable in your skin,” says Brianna Rader, a relationship & sex educator and founder of the Juicebox Sex & Relationship App. And, according to Rader, it’s also a great way to pass the time with a partner. “Try getting your partner to spend more time naked with you,” she says. “It will give you both an opportunity to touch and admire each other.” Listed below, she walks us through a few ways to introduce the idea.

Make It Part Of Your Nightly Routine

“If you are used to wearing clothes all the time, it can be hard to break the routine,” says Rader. “To incorporate more nakedness in your life, try going to bed in the buff.” According to Rader, spending time together in the nude is an important and effective way to enhance intimacy within a relationship. “Being naked together can naturally get you in the mood more for sex and also encourages different types of foreplay like massage and exploring body parts that are typically neglected.”

Go Somewhere You Already Associate With Nudity

“If you’re feeling shy, start with something that feels more natural,” says Rader. “Like the shower.” According to Rader, the move will allow you both to appreciate the experience of being naked together outside of a strictly sexual environment. Of course, if the mood does strike, it also positions you in the perfect place to get it on cleanly and quietly.

Separate Nudity From Sex

“Even though being naked can definitely lead to more sex, you may want to consider separating the two,” says Rader. “Some couples avoid nudity or cuddling if they think it signals they want sex when they aren’t in mood. If you separate nudity from sex, you can end up spending more time naked and touching.” Of course, if sex is your goal, there’s a good chance that increased intimacy will help get you there, over time, anyway. “The key is not to jump to sex each time,” she explains. “At first practice being naked and close without initiating sex. Once this is normalized, you can enjoy the benefits of being naked together regardless of whether it leads to sex.”