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100 Cute Middle Names for Girls That Go With Everything

Because choosing one name wasn't hard enough.

When expecting parents sit down to brainstorm baby names, middle names aren’t a top priority. While last names connect us to family, and first names are central to our sense of self — and can even shape our futures — middle names can hide in plain sight for decades. But middle names for their girls can carry quite a bit weight — and have tons of potential.

Middle names for girls can be a way for parents to fit in a name they love too much to give up — or offer a space for compromise if parents can’t quite agree on the first name. Middle names, particularly for girls, also allow parents to be a little bolder with their name choices, and are a great way to add instant individuality to a newborn. While some baby middle names can carry forward some piece of family lore, other middle names are wild cards played for novelty, cute factor, region, or to put a unique spin an otherwise popular or traditional first name. Finding a good middle name for a baby girl is an opportunity for parents to say more about the newest addition to the family.

No matter how you approach it, any middle name you love is sure to do its mysterious but important work. Once your baby girl is here, you’ll love her middle name because it’s hers. Here are 100 beautiful middle names for girls to get you started, that can either stand alone or be combined into a unique, hyphenated first name.

  1. Ada (Nigerian origin, means first daughter)
  2. Alea
  3. Alexa
  4. Ama
  5. Amelia
  6. Amy
  7. Angelou
  8. Anne
  9. Aria
  10. Ava
  11. Bea
  12. Bee
  13. Beth
  14. Blair
  15. Blythe
  16. Bonnie
  17. Bree
  18. Capri
  19. Ceci
  20. Cecil
  21. Claire
  22. Cora
  23. Charlotte
  24. Doe
  25. Ellen
  26. Elodie
  27. Eloise
  28. Fay
  29. Fallon
  30. Fin
  31. Frances
  32. Grace
  33. Grey
  34. Halo
  35. Hailey
  36. Harper
  37. Haven
  38. Holly
  39. Hope
  40. Hunter
  41. Imani: means “faith” in Swahili
  42. Iris
  43. Isla
  44. Isabella
  45. Ivory
  46. Ivy
  47. Jade
  48. Jane
  49. Jazz
  50. Jo
  51. Jojo
  52. Joy
  53. June
  54. Kay
  55. Kennedy
  56. Kit
  57. Lane
  58. Lacy
  59. Lee
  60. Leah
  61. Leon
  62. Liberty
  63. Lily
  64. Lou
  65. Luna
  66. Lynn
  67. Mae
  68. Maeve
  69. May
  70. Maya
  71. Mia
  72. Moon
  73. Nova
  74. Olive
  75. Paige
  76. Peace
  77. Peiper
  78. Phoenix
  79. Posey
  80. Queen
  81. Quincy 
  82. Rae
  83. Rain
  84. Reed
  85. Reeva
  86. Robin
  87. Ruby
  88. Rita
  89. Sage
  90. Sadie
  91. Shea
  92. Soleil
  93. Solstice
  94. Sophia
  95. Skylar
  96. Star
  97. True
  98. Violet
  99. Zadie
  100. Zoe: means “life” in Greek