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Actor Adam Pally on the Importance of Nicknames and Food in Any Relationship

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Fact: Any partner who’s ever told you they were fine with a romantic love letter in lieu of a gift was lying. Also a fact: A romantic note paired with the perfect gift will win you points that will last you into the New Year and beyond. Such a note shouldn’t recount your entire epic love story — there’s only so much paper real estate on fine stationery — so a short and sweet encapsulation of the unique love you’ve found is all you need. In Found Love: Gift Notes, we asked fathers to share a quick tip on how to say a lot to the mother of their children in only a few words.

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You Found Love, Now Find the Perfect Gift

Writing a great love note is one way to express how you feel about your partner—but don’t stop there. Giving the perfect gift is another way to demonstrate you know and appreciate them. Personal and beautiful Pandora jewelry will remind them of your love every time they wear it.

Nicknames are so important; maybe the number one thing in any relationship. You have to have a moniker that elicits a rush of dopamine that only you and your partner know. Without it, a love note seems rote and disingenuous — ya might as well write, “To whom it may concern.” That’s why Daniella and I start all our love letters like this:

Dear Smellbalina, I love you more than Jon and Vinny’s mozz sticks and the spicy fusilli.

That’s another tip: Make sure you equate your love to something both of you desire to eat. That is a huge deal, and it gives your love context. Now, is this true for my marriage? I honestly don’t know — we really love Jon and Vinny’s.

Adam Pally is an actor currently starring on Hulu’s Champaign ILL and will star in Crossing Swords Season 2, premiering on Dec. 10, also on Hulu. His spouse is Danielle Liben.

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