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Kreg Franco for Fatherly

The 100 Coolest Dads in America Ranked, 2018 Edition

It's hard to put a finger on what makes a cool dad cool, but these guys definitely have it.

Fatherly‘s first annual ranking of America’s coolest dads features a diversity of famous and admired men, all of whom have both kids and enviable lives. What makes these men cool dads? It’s a big question; it’s an abstract question. Some criteria — accomplishment, swagger, clarity or purpose — are fairly easily agreed upon, but cool dadness also shines in the execution. You know it when you see it.  So, who is a cool dad? Simply put, the men on the list, each of whom is an engaged parent and a person striving to engage productively with the wider world. And, yes, these guys are also heartthrobs. There is, after all, something undeniably heartthrobby about the handsome iconoclast who makes it home in time for family dinner.

This list contains painters, entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, and a fair number of athletes. It features Roy Wood Jr., who might be the funniest man on Earth, and Matt Bomer, who might be the best looking. The common thread: These men are all exceptional and they are all — despite what their kids might say — cool as hell.

Check them all out or, if you want to be uncool about it, jump to our top ten coolest dads.