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The Sexiest Thing My Husband Does, According To 10 New Moms

The little things men do to make them fall in love all over again (include a lot of child care).

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Sometimes, wearing all the hats that being a new dad requires, can make you forget one thing: Your wife finds you very sexy. And being a father, while it can sometimes make you feel a bit lamer than you were in your kid-less youth, amps up that sex appeal. Don’t trust us — we spoke to a handful of new moms about what they find so sexy about their husbands now that they’re dads. From changing diapers with gusto to singing to their baby to just accepting their gray hair, there are a lot of under-the-radar things you might not realize you do that your partner finds irresistible.

When He Sings to Our Daughter

“My husband doesn’t have a good voice. At all. And he’s not a very performative person. He’s not shy, per se, just not a tried and true extrovert. Now, he regularly sings to our 6-month-old daughter to make her smile or to calm her down. And, holy hell, it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen him do: Hold our daughter and make her feel safe and to not feel self-conscious about it at all.”

– Caitlyn, 37, Florida

When He Puts In Work on Our Home

“I think my husband is the sexiest when he’s doing yard work or ‘handyman stuff’. He usually wears business attire all week long, which is cute, but there is just something super sexy when he’s wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt, doing manual labor. I like when he gets a little sweaty, and I’m also so grateful when he does work to make our home nicer. He was never sexier to me than the days he painted the inside of our remodeled home just days before I had our second child.”

– Michaela, 35, Connecticut

When He Talks Sports

“I could listen to my husband talk about sports for hours. There’s something just really sexy about him when he’s going on with someone about batting averages, or bad calls, or whatever. It’s just one of those ‘guy things’ that I find really attractive. I love sports, too, and he’s part of the reason why. Maybe hearing him talk about sports reminds me of the good times we’ve had watching games together. Needless to say, we’re both pretty psyched that football season is right around the corner.”

– Erin, 34, Oregon

When He Plays With Our Kids

“The sexiest thing my husband does is play with our kids. We have two who are 4 and 5, plus a 7-month-old. Watching my husband joke around with them — especially the older ones — just melts my heart. It’s not necessarily sexy in an ‘Oh, this is turning me on!’ sort of way. It’s just really amazing to watch. He’s such a good dad, and I think the sexiness comes from knowing how blessed I am to have found him.”

– Lila, 37, Ohio

When He Takes Care of Himself

“Somehow, my husband always smells amazing. It’s not even cologne or anything like that. Really, he just doesn’t stink. A lot of guys stink. The simple smell of my husband’s deodorant (Right Guard Xtreme, for those wondering) just makes me want to jump on him. It sounds simple, but it’s a really good reminder that he still cares about things like smelling good and presenting himself well.”

– Andie, 37, Texas

When He Shares Knowledge

“I get turned on by how smart my husband is. A lot of women say that brains are sexy, but I’m talking about the way he just seems to know things, and is able to teach our kids (and me!) so effortlessly. Even if it’s something simple — the other day, for example, he was teaching my son how a light switch works — his knowledge of random stuff is just so incredible. He never makes anyone feel stupid for not knowing something, either, and I think that’s a big part of why it makes him so attractive.”

– Kimberly, 36, New York

When He Roughhouses With the Kids

“There’s something I find so undeniably attractive about my husband when he’s roughhousing with the kids. My husband is a strong guy so he’s able to toss my boys up high in the air and hold them up, airplane-style, by their shirts with one arm. They love it and I love how confident he is when he’s with them — he’s very careful of them at the same time. He’s a protector, my husband, and watching him play around with the boys and make them laugh while knowing how protected they are makes me fall so hard for him.”

Erin, 33, Boston

When He Embraces His Inner “Silver Fox”

My husband is starting to go gray, and I love it. He’s got dark hair, and these little wispy gray areas are starting to pop up. It makes him look so refined and sexy. When it first started coming in — after our first son was born, haha — the gray hair showed around his ears and sideburns, and it was just so cute. He rocked it; He didn’t try to dye it or anything. He just embraced it, very confidently. Now that it’s taking over a little more of his head, he looks like a distinguished older man. I’m thrilled he’s becoming a ‘silver fox’.”

– Kristi, 32, Ohio

When He Texts Me About Small, Simple Things

“When my husband and I first started dating, we were long distance. So, we would constantly write emails back and forth — this was before texting. Over the course of our marriage, his career has involved a lot of traveling, so we’re apart quite a bit. Waking up to a simple text from him makes me feel so good, even if it just says, ‘Good Morning’. It reminds me of our early courtship, and I think his willingness to put in that little bit of extra effort is very sexy.”

– Emily, 36, North Carolina

When He Changes a Diaper

“It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? But when my husband dives right in and changes a diaper without raising a stink about it turns me on so much. I see so many dads who are squeamish around diapers or act immaturely about it or defer to their wives. My husband takes control and handles the situation without any sort of pretense. I’m so thankful for it — and turned on by it.”

-Kim, 41, California

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