Get Your Picnic On Any Time, Anywhere With This Blanket That Fits In Your Pocket

Because you need at least one hand free from hauling gear to haul your kid.

by [email protected]
A man sitting on a blanket that can fit in his pocket on top of a mountain site during the day

Kids may not come with instruction manuals, but they sure as hell come with a lot of parts. Seats, strollers, toys, bottles, diapers, wipes — with all the gear you’re hauling lately, you’re as much sherpa as you are shepherd, to say nothing of carrying the actual kid around all day. And yes, this post exists solely to try and add yet another thing to the collection, but this thing is an everyday essential that fits into your pocket. At this point, if it doesn’t require another hand or a bigger bag, you should probably allow it. Welcome to the squad, Matador Pocket Blanket!

Yes, that would be a twin mattress-sized (63″ x 44″) blanket that miraculously folds down to about the size of a deck of cards, providing you with an instant picnicking, stargazing, festivaling, or diaper changing spot anywhere you go, any time the moment strikes. You don’t need a bag to carry it (attached pouch included), and you only need your hands to unfold and fold it (by following the handy “easy-pack pattern”).

The Matador Pocket Blanket is puncture-resistant, unlike an actual matador, which is unfortunate for him. It also features a water-repellant back side to keep you dry when used outside, and keep your living room floor dry when flipped over and used as a makeshift play mat for little Drooly McSpitups over there. Finally, weighted corners ensure Junior doesn’t go for an accidental magic carpet ride on a breezy day at the beach. Although you probably have more than enough weights in that giant bag of crap you’re toting …

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