Infographic: Celebrities, They Get Divorced Just Like Us! (But Stay Together Longer)

Informal data suggests that Gisele might have been better off with you than Tom Brady.

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If even Kermit and Miss Piggy can call it quits, what hope is there for true love in this world? Surprisingly, celebrity couples might have a tiny bit more reason for optimism than the rest of us.

An informal Fatherly HQ study of 40 celebrity splits over the last 18 months (graphic below) revealed that celebrity divorces occurred after 10 years on average — 2 years longer than the national average for marriages ending in divorce. The average “celebrity to civilian” union lasted 14 years before divorce versus 9 years for dual celebrity pairings, suggesting that you were spot on to maintain that Gisele would be way happier with you than Tommy.

Sure, it’s nice to be able to stare at the beautiful people together just a little longer, but if you believe a poll where everyone ends up divorced is the saddest poll imaginable, it’s probably time to start redefining divorce altogether.

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