The Best Sex Positions For Short Men And Tall Women

Shorter than your partner? Here are a few tried-and-true suggestions for making the most of the height difference.

by Carrie Weisman
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Size doesn’t matter. But if you’re a shorter guy and your spouse is taller than you, it does mean you have to make some adjustments during sex. According to the CDC, the average American man measures just over 5-foot-7. If you happen to fall below that, you’ll be the one looking up into those loving eyes. As sex calls for a certain level of synchronization, it’s important to, well, get a leg up and make a few changes. So, what are the best sex positions for short men and tall women? It depends on your preference. But here’s what to know. Because good sex doesn’t discriminate.

Take a Seat

We’re all the same height lying sitting down, right? If you’re worried about having sex when you’re vertically challenged, then try taking a seat. A comfy couch can be a great place to get it on. A sturdy chair seems like a perfectly convenient coital accessory. “Sitting makes it easier for either partner to perform comfortably,” explains Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics. “And being comfortable is important for ensuring that either partner has more control during [sex].” That way, he says, you can stop worrying about the “how” and start thinking about the “how long.”

Avoid the Acrobatic Positions

Cultural conversations about sex tend to frame convention as something to avoid. Sure, mastering the shoulder stand or its slightly more acrobatic incarnation, the butter churner, may give you a one-up when it comes to experimentation, it’s not going to land you any points with your partner if the height thing makes for an awkward execution. If you’re a short — or shorter — man try sticking to more traditional positions like missionary, or spooning. “[These positions] allow for either partner to take control during lovemaking,” says Backe. “They can also help increase penetration, allow for clitoral stimulation, and make it easier to swap and change between positions in case either of you get tired or want to swap roles.”

Start Lifting

Okay, fine. So conventional sex isn’t your thing. It is possible to avoid tradition as a shorter guy. It doesn’t involve laying your partner down; it revolves around you picking her up. “If you’re strong enough, you can try more extreme positions like lifting them up and holding them in place for a while,” Backe explains. “This could allow deeper penetration and give the person being lifted a sense of weightlessness for added erotic effect.” But please, take precaution. “Be sure you’re around furniture and flooring that’s safe,” says Backe. “Slipping could really put a damper on the mood.”

Try Other Routes

Joining genitals can be difficult when you’re working with a major height difference. Fortunately, there’s a way to get off without going down that path. “People tend to focus purely on penetration sex as the only way to achieve orgasm, but this is not true,” says Backe. “There are many ways you can stimulate each other before getting into the nitty-gritty and this will help to maximize sexual stimulation for both partners as well as lengthen the experience altogether.” Try using your hands to stimulate your partner. If that gets old, you can always put your tongue to good use. “Dealing with a height difference shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle,” says Backe. “But rather a creative opportunity for experimentation and added fun.”

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