Everything You Need to Know Before Heading on a Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

The resort makes it easy for the whole family to have fun, but you should know these details first.

by Hannah Chambers

Taking your family for a fun-filled adventure at Great Wolf Lodge seems pretty simple, right? You just pack up the bags, plug the address of one of the company’s 19 locations into your GPS, and check-in to a vacation that’s guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime. Well, almost. Visiting a Great Wolf Lodge resort is an extremely easy way to make sure your family has an incredible vacation together, but to make sure you have the absolute best experience, there are a few things you should know ahead of time. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you head straight for the biggest waterslide at the lodge.

The Cost of Your Stay Includes Tons of Perks

When you book a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, you’re getting much more than just a hotel room to keep your suitcase and rest your head. When you book a room, you’ll automatically receive access to the water park, parking, and admission to all resort events. Your visit will also have a resort fee, which makes sure that your family can enjoy services and amenities that will make your stay as convenient and fun as possible. This covers super useful water park amenities, like life jackets and towels, as well as exciting activities including Story Time and arts and crafts. There are also a few perks for the grown-ups, like an in-room coffee maker and complimentary WiFi throughout the resort.

You Can Ditch Your Wallet, If You Want

If you’re worried about losing all of the important things in your wallet as you explore Great Wolf Lodge, there’s a pretty great solution: RFID wristbands. (That stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device.) These wristbands will allow you to set off on an adventure without having to carry a wallet or room key, as it can be used to open your suite door and make purchases throughout the resort. Great Wolf Lodge is cashless, so this is probably a good option to take advantage of.

There Are Safety Deposit Boxes, Too

On a first come, first serve basis, safety deposit boxes are available at the front desk free of charge.

Read Up on the Water Park Rules Before You Hit the Pool

Each Great Wolf Lodge resort has its own set of guidelines (which you can read in full on each location’s dedicated website), so make sure to familiarize yourself with the water park guidelines before leaving the house. A few examples include: if your little one wears a diaper, they’ll need a protective swim diaper for the pool, pregnant people may be restricted from certain rides, and although inflatable toys aren’t allowed, you may be permitted to bring your own life jackets. Luckily, if you forget something, Great Wolf Lodge has a number of shops on-site that carry a variety of products.

Day Passes Are Also an Option

Live close to a Great Wolf Lodge but want to head home after a night in the water park? There is an option to purchase a day pass. Great Wolf Lodge’s locations may also offer a variety of reservations, so make sure to check those out if you’re looking for a different kind of experience.

Great Wolf Lodge Thinks of Just About Everything

From figuring out how to find personal items that may have ended up in the lost and found to understanding your cancellation options, the team at Great Wolf Lodge is well equipped to help you out with just about any situation that may (but hopefully does not) arise. Whether you need help accommodating dietary restrictions or switching around your dates, you can book your stay with peace of mind knowing that they’ve already thought of everything.

For more information about booking a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, check out the website of your individual location.