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7 Pieces Of Parenting Wisdom From The Great Denzel Washington

In honor of the beloved actor’s 68th birthday, here are some of his thoughts on raising kids.

Denzel Washington attends the Los Angeles premiere of A24's "The Tragedy Of Macbeth" at DGA Theater ...

Denzel Washington is many things: Actor, director, husband, box office juggernaut. But his most prized role is that of a dad to his four children. In honor of his 68th birthday, here are some of his wise words on parenting and fatherhood.


On Being A Strict Parent

“I think children are born good,” he told The Guardian in 2010. “But a child doesn’t know right from wrong, so moral instruction is important. I remember my eldest boy saying ‘Dad, I always thought you were so strict ― now I appreciate it.’ Free will can be a double-edged sword. By the age of 21, my son could see that.”