These Eco-Friendly Dog Treats Are Changing The Pet Food Game For Good

Give your dog a treat that’s truly a treat

by Carolyn Menyes
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Dogs will eat anything. Anybody who’s ever owned a pooch knows it. Over the years, I’ve seen my dogs house bags of potato chips they dragged out of cabinets, lick dirty dishes, and seem a little too interested in their own excrement. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the best.

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Think about feeding your dog like feeding your kids. Sure, your little ones may prefer mac and cheese all day every day, but you still try to give them food that’s good for them and (ideally) good for the environment. And why should your dog be any different? After all, canines are very much valued family members.

Luckily, with Chippin, it’s easy to give your dogs treats that are good, good for them, and good for the environment.

What Is Chippin?

Chippin is a small, women-owned dog food company that balances the needs and nutrition of pups with the needs of the world. They offer dog treats and supplements that are made in the USA with ingredients sourced from small- and medium-sized farmers. Unlike a lot of dog treats out there, Chippin is made with guidance from board-certified veterinarians, and best of all, their ingredients are made with all-natural ingredients that take into account their carbon footprint.

Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

The most impressive thing to me about Chippin is the simplicity of the ingredients. Their selection of dog treats are made with the kinds of things you’ll find in your very own kitchen like kale, sweet potatoes, oats, peanut butter, and carrots. The proteins they use — crickets, spirulinia, and silver carp — are human grade. Yep, that means they’re made from food you can eat.

Take, for instance, the Superfood treats. They’re made with oats, peanut butter, crickets, pumpkin, flaxseed, chopped peanuts, sunflower oil, honey, and cinnamon — all things I can understand and have eaten at some point in my life.

These treats are good enough to eat — literally. The cricket protein is all-natural and human-grade. Best of all, the eco-friendly protein is also easier on sensitive stomachs than other common dog food ingredients, like chicken and beef, which can help with gut health and digestion.

Though dogs are omnivorous in nature, Chippin also offers vegan dog treats for those who prefer to keep things as plant-based as possible (or are just into feeding their dogs really tasty stuff). The Spirulina Dailies are made with simple ingredients: oats, kale, flaxseed, carrots, parsley, sunflower oil, molasses, spirulina, and rosemary extract.

And, like the crickets, the spirulina is all-natural, human-grade protein. The vegan algae also has some serious nutrients. Its rich in Omega-3s and contains all 10 essential amino acids, making it a smart choice for your dog that also happens to be seriously tasty.

A Commitment To The Environment

If you haven’t gotten the gist by now, Chippin is committed not only to the health of your dog, but to the health of the planet. According to the brand, if American pets were their own country, they’d rack fifth in global meat consumption. That’s why they opt for environmentally-friendly sources of protein instead of the more common beef and chicken.

The silver carp in their Silver Carp Jerky makes up 90% of the biomass in the Illinois River and Ohio River, and its an overpopulated species that needs to be fished out. Chippin sources their carp from Kentucky, which helps those rivers as well as the Great Lakes, where silver carp is overpopulated and a threat to the biodiversity of the region.

It’s not just the ingredients that are good for the planet. The packaging that Chippin uses is also eco-friendly. The Certified Plastic Neutral company’s treat bags are made from 29% post consumer recycled materials, which adds to the low carbon footprint. The bags even have little bumps in them from recycled milk cartons and yogurt cups, and they add to a crinkly noise that lets your pup know it’s snack time.

Is Chippin Right For Your Dog?

Chippin’s dog treats are eco-friendly, made with human-grade ingredients sourced straight from farmers, and they won’t break the bank at about $10 for a bag of 30 treats (that you can easily break up for training. My friend’s dog recently tried Chippin’s Superfood Treats for the first time and went absolutely nuts for them, so it’s safe to say they’re pretty tasty too. Honestly, it’s hard to see anything bad about Chippin, except that more pet food brands aren’t more like them.

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