10 Incredible New Bourbons You Should Seek Out ASAP

Peated bourbon. Wheated bourbon. "Hipster" bourbon that really delivers. These are the new bottles to know.

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Ariela Basson/Fatherly; Getty Images, Hillrock, Off Hours
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There are interesting things happening in bourbon these days. Bourbon as a category now encompasses a broader range of flavors than ever before, thanks to the continual creativity of distillers and blenders, and consumer demand for ever more nuanced and diverse experiences. Many of these evolutions, techniques, and recipes start with craft producers who are nimble and creative enough to take risks, then they ripple through the industry as a whole.

At the same time, blenders are achieving a level of respect in the US that they’ve long had in Scotland and Japan, where blenders are even more lauded than distillers. Along with this has come greater transparency about sourcing spirits––brands that blend and bottle whiskies they did not distill. A geographic shift makes things interesting as well: not long ago, it was a novelty to drink bourbon made outside of Kentucky and Tennessee, but now we take it as a given that you may have incredible bourbon from New York, Colorado, or Indiana.

The ten new bourbons below showcase the whiskey’s increasingly broad range. From peated bourbon from New York, to wheated bourbon from Colorado to rum-cask-finished bourbon from Kentucky, they’re all worth exploring.

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