6 Sex Apps For Couples Who Really Want To Get to Know One Another

From those that seek to increase intimacy and closeness to those that help you get a bit freaky.

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We’ve come a long way since the dating and sex apps of yesteryear. Prioritizing single people and their quest for love (or at least some form of love), apps like Hinge and Tinder mostly gloss over the needs of couples. These days, however, we’re living in a golden age of apps that help you really get to know (and get busy with) your significant other. There are numerous sex apps for couples that are worthwhile, from those that seek to increase intimacy and closeness to those that help you get a bit freaky. Whether you’re a new couple, long-term partners, or have been married for decades, these apps are made to strengthen your intimate and emotional relationship while providing some much-needed variety. Here are the sex apps to seek out.

For Couples Wanting A Deeper Bond: Pillow

Featuring 35 mindful and erotic audio practices created by industry experts, Pillow helps couples looking to re-ignite that longed after spark by focusing on quality time together. So, what exactly does Pillow define as “quality?” One audio practice entitled “The Art of Noticing” guides couples into observing without judgement, while the aptly-titled “15 Kisses” suggests 15 kisses of varying speed and location to spice things up. With exercises designed to build a stronger physical and emotional connection, Pillow gives couples the time and space to improve their bond and appreciate each other on a deeper level.

For Adventurous Couples: Kindu

For those with a continent-sized comfort zone, Kindu empowers couples to explore their relationship and forge a deeper connection with intimacy-building questions, games, and prompts via a virtual deck of cards. Each card offers a specific prompt or challenge, like the Nighty Night card suggesting a designated lingerie night or the Meltdown card which calls for a bubble bath and a happy ending. With an emphasis on open communication without the fear or shame, Kindu gets to the core of what makes a couple tick.

For Couples Who Really Wan to Know Each Other: Desire

Desire is kinda like truth or dare, except without the boring truth option. Couples send dares back and forth, ranging from harmless challenges like recreating your first kiss to more tantalizing in categories ranging from role play & fantasy to exhibitionism, and of course love sensations. Desire channels the potent teenage hormones from the days of analog truth & dare giving long-time partners, new couples, and friends with benefits the chance to indulge their adventurous side while learning about their partner.

For Couples Who Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other: OhMiBod

We’re still in the infancy stage of the unfortunately named “teledildonics” but that doesn’t mean some apps aren’t worth trying. OhMiBod connects people on an intimate level regardless of their location, whether they’re next to you in bed or furiously pleasuring themselves in a log cabin in Montana. Control your OhMiBod vibrators with the OhMiBod Remote App or let a partner do it from anywhere for a fun sexy time that’s probably the closest a lot of us will get to the pottery scene in Ghost.

For a More Professional Approach to Love: Lover

Lover is a sex app for couples that takes a scientific approach to sex and love by offering a bespoke self-guided course designed by real doctors based on scientific evidence. With experts on hand to help you and/or a loved one with sexual wellness goals, Lover offers science-based tools (like kegel exercises and the Coital Alignment Technique) to women and men struggling with intimacy and sexuality in its many forms. In a world flooded with questionable information, Lover carves a niche for itself by delivering on-demand therapy and expert-approved exercises with the swipe of a finger.

For Those Who Want To Enhance Their Comms: Coupleness

Three minutes a day is all you need to effectively use the Coupleness: Active Love app. The app is intended to help people vault over relationship roadblocks by offering an easier way to communicate with each other. Choose from topics like communication, dreams, or intimacy & sex and send your partner daily updates through emojis, texts, and gifs. For couples who struggle talking about stuff like finances, Coupleness offers a stripped down and straightforward way to talk about anything.

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