How To Pitch Fatherly

Fatherly is the leading digital media brand for dads — our mission is to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives. We do this by helping our readers wade through the constant barrage of information and see a real path to being a better man, person, and parent.

Fatherly is a brand built on non-partisan journalism. This means all pitches must be clearly based on supported facts, include experts and sourcing information, and demonstrate a clear path to story execution that is reliant on strong reporting. Story angles should be relatable to men and dads, and have both a purpose and a use. They should also illuminate the diversity of realities that dads face, and offer a plan of action.

How To Submit Freelance Pitches To Fatherly

Fatherly is currently accepting pitches for its Gear, Life, and Health & Science verticals. Please send your 2-3 sentence story pitch, as well as any clips to other work, to If your pitch is time sensitive, please indicate that in the subject line. We do not accept stories on spec.

Types of stories we’re looking for:


Reported essays

Service journalism

Interesting profiles

Types of stories we aren’t looking for:

Personal essays

Celebrity profiles

Entertainment news

Stories that express political outrage