Sugar Is Having Its Tobacco Moment

With child obesity on the decline, Dr. Robert Lustig explains how his new sugar free cookbook will continue to fight the sugar epidemic.

by Fatherly
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This week was an especially sour one for America’s sweetest lobby: first, a new study revealed that the childhood obesity rate has plunged 43 percent in the past

decade; no one’s certain of the causes yet, but experts are already crediting a decrease in sugar consumption with playing a huge role. Then the F.D.A. announced redesigned nutrition labels that will highlight “added sugars,” changing the way you look at allegedly healthy flavored yogurts. Finally, a Q&A with anti-sugar YouTube sensation Dr. Robert Lustig, who just released The Fat Chance Cookbook, featuring 100 kid-approved recipes devoid of the sweet stuff, ranked as one of the New York Times’ most emailed stories. If Lustig’s favorite breakfast really is “downright amazing,” sugar might be screwed. (Note: it’s probably not that amazing.)

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