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This Video Proves Why Fathers Need To Do More When It Comes To Feeding Their Kids

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Baby Brezza, whose appliances and brand new line of bottles make feeding time quick and easy.

Dads are more involved with their kids than they were in previous generations, but even as traditional parenting roles evolve, there are ways they can do even more. This is particularly true when it comes to feeding duty, according to Fatherly’s first Bottle Feeding Survey. If you’re an Aka Pygmy man who breastfeeds your child, you’re excused from this meeting. Everyone else, watch this video.

The clip summarizes the survey’s findings, which include the fact one-third of men believe they handle the majority of bottle feeding in their households, 40 percent of men claim to do most of the baby burping, and 60 percent feel they do at least half of the bottle cleaning. So yes, dads are doing more, but there’s still a ways to go — most women surveyed said their partner either doesn’t help enough during feeding or doesn’t know how much they do.

The most important takeaway here is that your instinct to lean in is warranted and appreciated because there’s no wrong way to help feed your kid. That, and the fact that both parents believe milk-drunk babies aren’t the only ones who need a nap.