The Lego Push Car Your Toddler Has Been Waiting For

And it's made entirely out of 3D-printed bricks.

by Dave Baldwin
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3d printed lego truck
Youtube / Mantis Hacks

Just when you thought the new McLaren 570S Push Sports Car was the sexiest toddler toy on the market, Matt Denton went and fired up his 3D printer. The electronics engineer/YouTube maker recently printed and built a full-sized Lego go-kart that can be converted into a kid’s push car.

The car is actually a toddler-sized version of Lego’s 1985 Technic Go-Kart Kit (#1972) that Denton purchased online. He printed all 98 pieces of the original kit at 5x scale from ABS plastic on his Lulzbot Taz5 3D printer. It took a full week, 168 hours of print time, and cost him upwards of $130. But it’s quite the feat: All the pieces interlock like Legos, and he was able to assemble the entire vehicle without any adhesives ⏤ just as one would the original model. The kart boasts working pinion steering and tires printed from a flexible NinjaFlex filament. It weighs in at a paltry 11.2 pounds.

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Denton originally wanted to build a car his 8-year-old nephew could drive but settled for the biggest vehicle the printer could handle instead. Which, honestly, ended up being the perfect pint-sized push car. All you’d have to do is add a removable stroller bar or telescoping parent handle, and your kid’s cruising the ‘hood, Lego-style. Now the question is whether Denton’s working on printing Lego-styled clothes that lock the driver into the seat.

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