Your New Favorite Linen Bedding Makes Itself

This bedding is magical.

by Skimlinks
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Beddings stacked on top of each other and a pillow

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What’s better than 100% French linen? Not having to make the bed.

Primary entered the heavily contested bedding fray focused on both quality and innovation; starting with truly luxurious 100% stonewashed French linen that only gets better with use and coupling that with snaps for your flat sheet. The snaps keep the flat sheet aligned and moving in concert with the duvet, meaning making the bed consists of flipping up the duvet once you’re up. You can even buy multiple flat sheets to switch out and wash the duvet less often.

Primary also recently released a long-staple cotton percale take on their sheets. Are they as awe-inspiringly posh as their linen? No. Are they excellent, versatile sheet that retain Primary’s snap technology at a far more affordable price? Absolutely.

As has become table stakes in the sleep industry, Primary’s products include a 100-night risk-free trial, which is good since they are definitely an investment. That not-millennial pink rosewood colorway though…

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