You Can Now Buy Lego Minifigures That Look Like Your Kids

Kinda creepy, but very cool.

by Ben Marx
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Funky 3D Faces

There’s something exceptionally creepy about replicas of real people’s faces, as any visit to Madame Tussauds will quickly confirm. But turn that model into a toy you can actually play with, and that creepiness suddenly becomes a whole lot more fun. The deeper into the uncanny valley, the better. So, it’s pretty exciting that U.K. company Funky 3D Faces is shaking up the LEGO game.

Funky 3D Faces is known for their full 3D-printed figurines of people, which you can order using 2D photos to make for an awesomely horrific desk ornament. Now, they’re bringing their talents to LEGO Minifigures. Send Funky 3D Faces photos of any face from the front and side, and they’ll transform them into a fully-customized LEGO head that can connect to any other LEGO figure body, from Captain America to a standard mailman. There’s something super unsettling about them, but that’s 80 percent of the fun.

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The other 20 percent of fun is making a LEGO head of a loved one to give them as a Christmas gift. Right now, Funky 3D Faces is running a deal offering a free head for every two that you order, so you can turn your whole family into bite-sized nightmare toys.

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