Yes, Kids Really Do Notice How Much Time You Spend On Your Phone

According to researchers at Boston Medical Center who observed parents with their phone at fast food restaurants, kids became crankier with less attention.

by Fatherly
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Owen Lin

A phone can make you a crappy parent, according to Boston Medical Center researchers who observed moms and dads in fast-food restaurants and found them so absorbed in their gadgets that they effectively abandoned their attention-starved kids to their not-so Happy Meals — and became crankier when deigning to interact with them. In light of the data, the BMC is working with the American Academy of Pediatrics on adult guidelines for the proper use of phones in front of kids (i.e. no devices during mealtimes — that’s when kids learn nuances of social etiquette). The BMC’s poster parent this week? This guy, courtside at a recent Bulls – Heat game.

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