Yeehaw Is The Affordable 3D Printer For Kids Who’d Rather Make Their Own Toys

It starts paying for itself after the 10th broken doll or action figure.

by Dave Baldwin
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Yeehaw 3D Printer

As good as your 10-year-old is at coming up with creative new toy ideas, they’re surprisingly weak at negotiating short-run production deals with overseas manufacturers. Consider it something to work on. In the meantime, Yeehaw is a sleek 3D printer that kids can use to easily manufacture new toys (or just the lost parts to old toys) right in their own bedroom.

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To make that big Shark Tank seed capital, all they have to do is sketch the next hit action figure in the downloaded app, sync it with the Yeehaw, drop in the non-toxic filament, and press the print button. Profit? (From there they can start developing a distribution strategy). If they’re more business-than-design savvy, there’s also a catalog of 2,000 toys, jewelry, home accessories, and more, that are all ready to print.

And, because it’s meant for kids, Yeehaw has multiple built-in safety features including a fully enclosed transparent case, a safety door with sensors, and an automatic trigger that shuts the whole operation down (and retracts the printing arm) if the device is “moved, tilted or disturbed in any way.” It also “calibrates, updates, and monitors itself,” so you’ll never hear a “Daaaad, I need you to fix this.” The Yeehaw’s filaments come in 12 colors and can be bought in 3- or 6-packs for $60 or $115 each — something Junior needs to build that into his pricing structure.

The Indiegogo campaign absolutely crushed their goal and the printer’s already in production. This means your little toy mogul could be running 3-shifts by Christmas morning.

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