The Winnebago Paseo Is A Smaller RV Packed With Some Big Amenities

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You’d love to pack the kids up in an RV and roam the countryside, but parking one of those things in your driveway will get notes from the neighbors dropped in your mailbox and, frankly, it’s hard to justify buying a vehicle that’s too big to run everyday errands in. Until now.

You probably never considered yourself a Winnebago Man, but the 2017 Paseo may have your rethinking that. The 22-foot Cadillac of campers is a hybrid between a van, an RV, and your den. The biggest benefit is that it’s more spacious and tricked out than your average Windstar, but way sleeker than the typical motor home. The Paseo is built on a Ford Transit Van chassis with an EcoBoost engine, which translates to more power and better fuel efficiency (at 15 to 17 miles per gallon) than the other vehicular yachts you see rambling down the highway. Make no mistake, this is still a lot of van, especially when you have to make a propane run in the middle of a weenie roast. But that’s fine — you can just bring an extra car with the Paseo’s 5,000-pound towing capacity.

winnebago paseo interior

The back is pure Pimp My Ride territory with a full range of facilities. The kitchenette includes a 2-range stovetop, convection microwave oven, Nova Kool refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and a swing-up leaf to add counter space if you decide to host a Chopped competition using a mystery basket full of gas station snacks. The living area includes a bath/shower area, closet, drawers and storage cabinets, and a dinette area in the back that can seat up to 4 for family dinners on the road. And the benches double as a Flex Bed System you’ll be able to set up faster than you can get your kid to go down for nap time. Now that you have everything on the road that you do at home, hopefully, your family will be cool with putting up that “For Sale” sign in the yard.

Winnebago Paseo ($144,988)

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