8 Wild, Last-Minute Gifts to Stock in Your Kid’s Easter Basket

Because you need something to go along with those jelly beans.

by Joe Jackson
Originally Published: 

A classic Easter egg hunt is an amazing way to get your kid outside and engaged with the natural world. The following presents that will fit in an Easter basket will help them build a relationship with the outside world around them after that last egg has been found. We spoke with Jason Brooks, a field biologist who has worked in the field for over 25 years, treats birding like a contact sport and has an impressive 30-plus year climbing and backcountry skiing resume to match. His eight-year-old son is also a lizard, bird, and plant encyclopedia and has been herping (identifying reptiles) and calling mosses by their Latin names since he was four. Brooks called on both his outdoor and fathering experience to help put this list together.

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