The FlashTorch Mini Is The Camping Flashlight That Starts Fires

Too hot to handle, too cool to hold.

by Dave Baldwin
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flashtorch mini

If you’ve ever been camping and ever felt the pressure (or, perhaps, the heat) of trying to start a campfire with a pack of wet matches while your family looks on in disappointment, then you probably don’t need to be sold on a flashlight that can also start fires. Just a hunch. That’s where the FlashTorch Mini comes in.

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Perfect for camping, winter storms, power outages, the zombie apocalypse, or intense interrogations to determine who broke the living room lamp, the FlashTorch Mini is a flashlight so powerful that it can literally cook food or incinerate a piece of paper. In addition, of course, to lighting up your campsite like the prison yard during a jailbreak. Think “flood” more than “flash” light.

Despite its diminutive size (8.25 inches, 14 ounces) compared to the original FlashTorch, this military-grade aluminum lamp produces 2,300 lumens of “intense white light” (compared to 4,100 lumens) thanks to a high-efficiency reflector and 3-pack lithium-ion battery that can be recharged without having to be removed. Depending on which power mode you use (low, medium, or high), the FlashTorch Mini’s batteries last between 20 and 80 minutes, and the recharge time is about three hours. The LED, meanwhile, can take you upward of a 1,000 hours before requiring replacement.

As safety is paramount when it comes to lamps that can set your backpack/hand on fire, you should wear gloves when using the FlashTorch Mini (it’s on fire — and that’s not a joke). Refrain from touching the light or shining it other people’s eyes (unless, of course, you want them to think they might be slipping into the afterlife). You’ll be happy to know the FlashTorch Mini also rocks an “automatic lock-out mode” to prevent accidental use and/or catastrophe. Just be sure to turn the safety off before you start building that campfire in front of the kids.

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