This Intelligent Belt Holds Up Pants, Helps You Stay Fit

Hidden inside the Welt dress belt's buckle are an activity tracker and magnetic sensor that measure steps and waist size.

by Dave Baldwin
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welt smart belt

If fitness trackers have a fatal flaw ⏤ other than nagging you about not exercising ⏤ it’s that they can’t count steps while sitting on your dresser. You have to remember to wear them. It’s why trackers like the Motiv Ring are so popular. And also why it makes sense to shove an activity tracker inside a dress belt, even if said belt does keep tabs on the size of your gut too.

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At first glance, WELT is a handsome leather dress belt. It measures 28- to 44-in., comes in five colors (black, burgundy, light brown, beige, and orange), and keeps your slacks from slipping. Embedded in the buckle, however, is a magnetic waist sensor and accelerometer. So not only does it measure the tiniest change in your waist size (you’ll never buy the wrong-sized pants again), but it also tracks your daily steps and time spent on the couch. And it reportedly does so more accurately than similar devices because it’s positioned closer to the center of the body.

The belt syncs via Bluetooth to a smartphone app where it aggregates the data and proffers a daily, color-coded health score ⏤ which basically range from ‘Best’ to ‘Good’ to ‘Good Lord, get up and do a jumping jack.’ Using height, weight and waist size, WELT, which runs 20 days per charge, also calculates step goals to give you something for which you can strive. And if it notices you notched up to new belt hole, buckle up, because you’re going to get an earful about it in the health analysis.

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