The Best Kids’ Water Shoes for Swimming and Hiking

Keep those kiddie feet dry(ish) and blister-free.

by Donna Freydkin
Originally Published: 

Water tables exist for a reason: Kids love getting filthy and wet when the weather warms up and backyards, pools, and beaches beckon. To really maximize everything that summer has to offer, you need proper toddler and kids’ water shoes. Why? Because wet, muddy surfaces are slippery, and proper footwear helps with traction and support.

When picking kids’ water shoes, opt for ones that have thicker soles and adjustable closures, or get ready for nonstop complaints about shoes that just too loose. You want to protect kids’ feet from the hot ground, and from sharp objects like pebbles and rocks. Toe shields help prevent stubbed toes, and the whining that accompanies foot pain. Slip-on shoe styles are an easy option, because of their ease of use, but because they don’t have enough support, they’re better choices for casual outings to the beach and pool. If you plan on boating, or hiking, get shoes that work on slippery surfaces, but transition well to other hardier outdoor activities. Make sure your water shoes dry quickly, and are breathable. Because stinky feet are gross.

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