Watch These Hilarious Kids Come Up With The Best Superhero Powers Ever

Would you rather be invisible, able to fly, or really, really, ridiculously annoying?

by Fatherly
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Usually, the old “If you could have any superpower …” debate comes down to flight versus invisibility. But when you put that hypothetical — and a trunk full of Avengers gear you couldn’t possibly argue was better in your day — in front of a half dozen kids, the discussion gets a lot more lively.

Suddenly you’re shooting titanium-cutting lasers at your house because you’re a superhero and you’ll just “Get a new house,” or you’re super annoying and your only weakness is a wicked stomach ache because … whatever, it’s your world, kid.

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Point is, when you give kids a treasure chest of Captain America shields, Iron Man armor gloves, and Falcon wings, their minds have a way of running wild that is, frankly, superhuman. Watch this clip and get excited, because with any luck, these kids might just save this crazy world.

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