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This Hiker-Sneaker Hybrid Is Probably the Most Comfortable Shoe in the World, and 25% Off

Environmentally conscious kicks have never looked this good.

Where a capable hiking boot meets the comfort of everyday sneakers, you’ll find these Veja Roraimas. Think of them as a classic high-top that is up for some serious off-roading. The raw materials, like the nubuck leather outside, wool inside, and rubber underneath, come from environmentally friendly sources made by Brazilian workers paid a fair wage.

The contrasting rubber outsole gives these Veja sneakers just enough old-school flair to stand apart from standard high-tops. Take them anywhere a normal sneaker would venture, but also places you wouldn't risk basic tennis shoes, like cold wintery city streets.

The leather uppers will age and patina over time while the boot-style lacing system means you really cinch these down to keep your feet put. Inside a recycled flannel lining will keep your dogs warm all winter. Pair them with jeans to run errands around town or pants that stretch a bit if your afternoon might include climbing at the park with kids.

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