Get This Backyard Wood-Fired Pizza Oven And Never Order Delivery Again

This thing practically pays for itself!

by Jonathan Stern

Since you had a kid, dough, sauce and cheese is about as indispensable to your family as water or oxygen. You already know that eating pizza is delicious, the subject of scholarly study, and can help you lose weight. So, if this food looms so large in your daily life, why are you disrespecting it by pretending the microwave is an acceptable place to cook a pie? What your backyard needs, more than any green egg smoker, kegerator, or waterproof LED big screen, is a personal wood-fired pizza oven.

You think you want that sweet, Mario Batali summer home-style built-in oven, but you don’t. Unless you have the square footage and a few patient sous chefs, those things are a pain in the ass to set up. First, you need to chop the tree. Then split the logs. Toss them in. Light the fire. Wait for it to get to temperature. The Uuni 2S does away with all that by using compressed wood pellets. Pizzaiolos may complain that you’re not doing it the hard way. Let them rant. These wood nuggets turn the oven into 900-degrees of cheese-bubbling, crust-blistering, pepperoni-caramelizing power in just under 10 minutes, and pizzas take 90 seconds to cook on its stone surface.

If you’re not sold, think about it like this: The Uuni 2S retails for about the price 20 quality pies. Go ahead, make Papa John’s call it daddy. Force Little Caesars to bow down to it. Tell Dominos to use their tracker to find your house — because that’s where this summer’s best slices are coming from.

Update: If you thought the Uuni 2S sounded amazing, well then you’re in for a treat: The updated 3-legged Uuni 3 is officially out. Not only does it have a new grate, hopper, and insulated body, but it also runs on wood pellets and is compatible with a soon-to-be-released gas burner. Even better, it’s the same price!

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