The Urban Arrow Family e-Bike Was Built to Replace Your Family Car

It can haul FOUR kids — with plenty of space left for groceries.

by Joe Jackson
Collage of Urban Arrow family electric bikes
Getty / Fatherly

If a supremely capable electric cargo bike and a go-anywhere playpen had a lovechild it would look a lot like Urban Arrow’s Family e-bike. Dutch e-bike company Urban Arrow combined sterling components, brilliant geometry, and Scandinavian-level child safety details to create this kid-focused cruiser that could easily replace a second car in the right scenario.

While Urban Arrow’s Family edition is by no means the only front-loading cargo e-bike on the market, its intelligent cargo box design makes it one of the more exciting. The box sits inches lower to the ground than most front-loading cargo bikes. This brings the weight of your load—be it groceries or your wee ones—closer to the ground which translates into less onerous maneuvering.

The result is a downright nimble ride in spite of the 90cm x 61cm x 86cm box-snout sitting out in front of the operator. Safety-specific details like a three-point harness and extremely hearty expanded polypropylene box material help parents rest assured that their precious cargo will remain protected.

The Urban Arrow Family is not all about what and how it carries, though. Rolls Royce components like a CX Bosch motor powered by a 500wh battery give this bike 85nm of capable torque to help you crank the fam uphill and ride for up to 30 miles on a full charge. Primo Shimano brakes make picking up downhill speed less terrifying, even if you are loaded up with the full 250kg total weight.

The bike weighs in at a whopping 112 lbs, so heaven help you if you run out of battery on a ride—particularly with a few dozen pounds of kid in the front—but as long as you plan your rides and charges right, the Urban Arrow Family just might be the most fun way you can run errands with your kids.