This Robot Suitcase Drives Itself Through the Airport

The autonomous suitcase even has turn signals.

by Dave Baldwin
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travelmate robotics

Traveling with kids can be a special kind of torture. Because, no matter what, there’s just so much damn stuff to haul through the airport. Wouldn’t life be easier to just stow your stuff in a robotic sidekick who could navigate the terminal without so much as a guiding hand? Say hello to the Travelmate: an autonomous robot bag.

At first glance, Travelmate looks like any other hard shell roller bag in an airport terminal. That is, until it rolls past and flips on the LED blinkers before making a left turn. How does this magic work? Sensors inside the bag sync with a user’s smartphone, which the bag will then follow. It drives either vertically or horizontally. A powerful, “whisper quiet” electric motor helps it roll; the “Airtrax” Omni wheels allow it to turn 360-degrees. It can match walking speeds of up to 6.75mph and, unlike kids, it’s programmed to not run into people.

Other smart features include a biometric fingerprint lock, integrated scale, two USB ports, and a removable four-hour battery that can charge your devices. There’s also a separate compartment for laptop/valuables and the handle turns the TSA-compliant bag into a portable desk.

The Travelmate is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo in one of three carry-on friendly sizes. Pricing runs $399, $495, and $595.

(Pre-order for June 2017)

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