This Dyson Toy Vacuum Won’t Clean Your Carpet, But It Will Entertain Your Kids

Adults don't like vacuuming. Kids love it so much there's now a toy version of the Dyson in your closet.

Everything is new to them, so kids have a tendency to find delight in things that adults have long since stopped noticing. Objects like remote controls, airplanes, and the pneumatic tubes at drive-through banks are barely noticed by jaded adults, yet they’re endlessly fascinating to wide-eyed children. Another example: vacuum cleaners. They’re loud, use suction (which might as well be magic), and are only used by adults. So obviously, kids love them, and they’ll love the Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum.

The toy version of Dyson’s iconic vacuum features all of the visual hallmarks of the original, from the ball construction to the clear canister to the bright yellow color, though it’s also available in blue, red, and purple. It’s just over two feet tall, the perfect height for a preschooler.

Of course, if all it did was look like mom and dad’s vacuum, kids would lose interest quickly. Thankfully, this thing does way more than that. Four C batteries power a motor that does two things. First, it swirls around a panoply of colored balls inside the canister. Second, it actually provides some suction, enough to pick up little pieces of paper, so kids can feel like they’re playing with a real cleaning machine. There’s even a removable dustbin in the back to empty the debris your kid picks up. And the fact that it’s really sucking things up means that this toy vacuum makes real vacuum sounds.

Playing with this toy can help them develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills while learning about cause and effect and exploring their surrounds. Your floors may not be any cleaner, but your kid will be entertained, and in the end that’s a much more impressive feat.

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