Your Kid’s Not The Only One Who Needs To Change Their Drawers

Becoming a father is all about adjustments — everywhere but in your pants.

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The following was produced with our friends at Tommy John.

Going from dude to dad is as much one huge adjustment as it is a series of smaller ones. Constantly rearranging your, uh, “little dudes” should absolutely not be part of that process. For one, you no longer have time for the Ball Drop, the Surgical Strike, or any of your other not so smooth moves. Secondly, picking a wedgie isn’t exactly the lasting impression you want your kids to remember dad by.

With Tommy John’s scientifically engineered suite of wardrobe essentials, you’ll look great, feel comfortable, and never have to adjust, even when fatherhood has you disheveled, exhausted, and overwhelmed. In spite of all that, your life just got a serious upgrade; it’s time your underwear got the same.

Second Skin Boxer Brief

Those decade-old boxers you wore for 3 straight days after your wife went into labor will always have a special place in your heart; they no longer deserve a space in your top drawer. Upgrade to some grown man’s undies that won’t ride up, leave marks, or give you a wedgie. The Quick Draw® Fly is a revelation you’ll someday add to the list of things your kid’s generation has way better than yours did.

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Cool Cotton Undershirt

You wouldn’t wear a wrinkled suit to your next presentation, so don’t wear an ill-fitting, pit-stained undershirt underneath it. A patented longer, tapered design ensures this one never comes untucked or bunches at the waist to create a faux DadBod. Smart fabric wicks away moisture to dry faster and keep you cooler than normal cotton during that meeting or when Junior pukes on it afterward.

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Second Skin Lounge Pant

Sadly, having a kid does nothing to change the fact that you still have to wear pants pretty much all the time, but nobody said you can’t wear pants that feellike they aren’t there. These are crafted from the same patented non-pilling, silky soft micro fabric as your new undies, plus they have a utility pocket for your phone, money, and, uh, pacifier. You know, essentials.

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Essential Tee

The most versatile piece in your wardrobe should also be the most comfortable and best fitting. The Essential Tee is cut to fit your body, not a box. It’s made of a premium, unshrinkable memory fabric, making it super soft and completely wrinkle-free. Which is ideal, because whatever free time you used to have to iron your shirts is about to be replaced with a kid napping on them.

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Performance Dress Sock

Time is a luxury you no longer have, even for something as seemingly simple as changing your socks. These will take you seamlessly from the board room to the weight room (pun intended — you’re a father now, act like it) with special cushioning and ventilation zones, arch support, and InvisiGrip technology that keeps your sock cuff firmly in place above your ankle, whether you’re chasing clients or your kid.

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Tommy John Starter Kit

If you’re not sure where to start, save yourself the time and mental energy (both of which are now in extremely short supply) and grab Tommy John’s best selling underwear, undershirt, and socks in one convenient package. Order it now, and if you happen to find a spare minute between changings, feedings, and the like, scroll up and read the individual descriptions of what you’re getting.

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