Portable Playground

This Swanky-Looking Bounce House Doubles As Home Decor

smol's TUMBLE Bounce House looks so classy that you might never want to take it down.

by Joe Jackson
A green Tumble Bounce House

In the TUMBLE, smol has brought to reality something that seems impossible in theory. A bounce house that you actually want to keep, and use, inside your home. They used brilliantly minimalist design, tasteful color combinations, and solid craftsmanship to make a bespoke bounce house (two terms we never thought we’d see together).

The six-foot-by-six-foot version (there is an eight-foot-by-eight-foot as well for $50 more dollars) comes with everything you need to get two sub-40-pound two to eight your old kids up and bouncing in minutes. The unit itself inflates in under a minute and while the fan is a little loud in an enclosed space it has an oddly soothing hum. Realistically, any noise the TUMBLE creates will be drowned out by the squeals of joy from your little ones rejoicing that they get to transport the fleeting usually-saved-for-birthdays fun of a rowdy bounce house session into a daily activity in your living room.

With an individual weight limit of 40-pounds, it’s too small for most adults to get loose on themselves. The second hand enjoyment of watching wee-ins obliterate their wiggles in a super safe CPSIA compliant hyper padded structure without having to leave the house feels well worth the FOMO. This enjoyment is only compounded by the fact that you won’t feel rushed to take it down when they are wiped out because it looks like it's out of a West Elm catalog.