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This Self-Rising TV Stand Is a Movie-Lover’s Dream

Take an old piece of furniture and turn it into a conversation starter.

This story was produced in partnership with Krylon, the spray paint brand that can easily restore, refresh, recolor, and revive any project.

That old TV stand could use an upgrade. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrap it and put down a chunk of change for a brand new one. All it takes is a few cans of Krylon® spray paint, some LEDs, and a simple motor to make that stand into something truly special.

That’s just what builder Peter Kreider did — and the results speak for themselves. “The goal was to take an existing piece of furniture and refinish it using Krylon® products,” Kreider says. “Spray paint it, change the design, upgrade it, and add some flourish.” Here’s how he did it.

Step 1: Out With the Old and in With the New

Old furniture doesn’t make the perfect media center without some tinkering. “We took the existing cabinet,” Kreider says, “and we tore it apart.” Kreider knew his media center would need some extra shelving, so he cut out and sanded down any additional pieces. Then he sanded down all the parts so they’d look refinished.

Step 2: Spray Paint the Case

Krylon® ColorMaster® Paint + Primer– 25% More Gloss Classic Gray was used overall, and Krylon® Shimmer Metallic Gold Shimmer for the fine touches on the media center.

Kreider grabbed several cans of spray paint — Krylon® ColorMaster® Paint + Primer– 25% More in Gloss Classic Gray and Krylon® Shimmer Metallic in Gold Shimmer — and set to work.

“For the shimmer effect we used Krylon® Shimmer Metallic to paint the feet and the interior of the cabinet spaces,” says Kreider. “Same with the inside of the TV cabinet. For the two pockets of the shelf and the upper areas, we sprayed the whole thing Gloss Classic Gray.”

 Step 3: Add the TV — and the LEDs

An entertainment center isn’t complete without a few LEDs to surprise and delight. Kreider knew that in order to really entertain his kid — and guests — he needed some pyrotechnics. “I wanted the TV to rise out and the lights come on. It’s a theatrical moment,” he says.

He built the case so that it basically came in three pieces: a base cabinet, a TV cabinet, and then a little extra shelf he made himself. So he mounted the TV and set all three pieces together. Then he installed the LED lights.

When this dad got tired of his old TV set-up, he decided to make it epic.

Publicado por Fatherly en Miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2018

Step 4: Entertain

With some ingenuity and some Krylon® spray paint, Kreider turned his dusty old TV stand into an ultimate entertainment system — one that will delight his kids, dinner guests, and so many others.

“I think it is a much more contemporary look,” he says. “I cleaned it up and unified it, but the spray paint was key to refinishing it in a consistent, clean, and fresh-looking way. The Gloss Classic Gray is a very contemporary look by comparison, and with that little bit of Gold Shimmer as an accent. It was about taking something ordinary, plain, and not very interesting looking and creating something that is a centerpiece.”