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This New App Lets You Embarrass Your Kids Tomorrow With Photos You Take Today

Incubate is a new 2-way messaging app that allows you to schedule delivery of photos, video and text up to 25 years in advance. It’s being billed as a peer-to-peer time capsule service and an opportunistic events calendars/reminders app — both valid use cases that are far less interesting than this one: Embarrassing the crap out of your kid.

All those hilarious photos you have no longer have to disappear into the oblivion of a Facebook feed. Your daughter’s epic preschool meltdown? Make it the e-card for her high school graduation. Your son crashing his Crazy Coupe into the sliding glass door? Schedule it to arrive when he starts taking driving lessons at 16. Breast feeding photos of either of them? Happy twenty first birthday!

Incubate has even solved for parents whose kids are too young to have a phone or tablet yet. Its “Nursery Account” lets you create an email address to receive all your time-delayed messages, which will start arriving as soon as they load the app on their first device. Their facial expression is sure to be priceless, so don’t forget to roll video on it … and then send it to them 10 years later.

Incubate: Free (iOS)

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