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This Jogging Stroller Could Change How You Train For Your Next 10K


Jogging strollers are great if you want to get in a quick run, but not so great if you’re actually training for something and need to work on things like pace and form. Enter KidRunner, an innovative take on how to go running with your kid in tow — literally.

KidRunner shakes up traditional jogging stroller design in several ways. First, it’s lighter and leaner than traditional joggers; at 20 pounds, it’s more than 3 pounds lighter than anything on Baby Gear Lab’s 2014 Best Of list, and doesn’t require its own garage for storage — it actually breaks down and can be stowed in its own backpack.

Second, you connect with the egg-shaped seat via a waist harness and pull your kid along rather than push them, like some kind of jackass. (Not in a bad way! Like, it basically turns you into a human donkey).

After 4 years, 5 prototypes and 3 patents, KidRunner is finally poised for launch later this year. It’s in pre-sale at a reduced cost, which is worth considering, as it’s expected to retail at around $1,200. That’s nearly 3 times what you’ll pay for a traditional jogging stroller, but if you really care that much about “pace and form,” you’re not a traditional jogger, now are you?

Your kid sits well below the wheel axle for a low center of gravity and a smooth ride, and stays safely strapped in with a 5-point harness. It’s all designed like a cockpit, so your endless shouts of, “Talk to me, Goose!” will be even funnier.

The frame is made of a composite of wood and carbon fiber for flexibility, light weight and strength; kids can range from 6 months to 4.5 years and 10 pounds to 45 pounds. By age 5, they’re on their own to walk to school uphill in the snow both ways.

[youtube expand=1]

KidRunner it lets your kid see you, which many toddlers prefer — especially if they’re watching you dominate your local 10K at 5:22 per mile pace.

On the other hand (other foot?), it’s not exactly optimal while you’re locking up the car and that soccer mom in the minivan has her eye on the adjacent parking spot.

Buy Now Pre-order starting at $895