Memory Lane

These Were The Hottest Toys 25 Years Ago

Missing the days of swigging Mountain Dew while beating your pals in a not-so-friendly game of Goldeneye on the N64? Then check out these awesome toys from 1997.

by Joe Jackson
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A Nintendo 64 video game console and controller (NUS-005), taken on June 22, 2016. (Photo by James S...
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Remember the unbridled joy of walking the aisles of Blockbuster Video on a Friday night, getting hopped up on Red Vines and Dr. Pepper before tucking in your Tamogatchi and challenging your friends to a few rounds of Goldeneye (slappers only)? Let’s revisit the glory days of the late ’90s with a look at eight of the hottest toys of 1997.

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In 1997 every kid wanted to find this classic rod-and-connector building system wrapped up for a birthday or holiday. Unlike the more detailed Lego sets, K’NEX were geared towards larger constructions with an emphasis on larger, moveable builds like Ferris wheels and roller coasters.

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