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The Wubble Bubble Is a Giant Ball That Looks And Feels Like A Bubble

But is the Wubble Bubble this generation's Happy Fun Ball?


Few things keep kids entertained as much as chasing bubbles. And few things keep parents as annoyed as blowing them. Which is why the Wubble Bubble may well be the perfect toy: It’s a ball that looks and acts like a bubble, but only needs to be blown (up) once. Consider it this generation’s Happy Fun Ball.

The Wubble Bubble is made of “super-thermo-stretchtacular stuff” and/or engineered synthetic rubber. It comes with a pump and can be inflated up to 36-inches in diameter, at which point the material stretches nice and thin and gives the appearance of a giant bubble or balloon. Except, of course, that it bounces and can be kicked and your kids can jump on and/or catapult off it. While not totally impervious to holes ⏤ it can be popped if you stick it with a screwdriver or a tree branch ⏤ it does come with a repair kit and is easily patched and returned to action.

There are five types of Wubble Bubble: the Super, which is extra strong and comes in a variety of colors; the Brite, which lights up; the Water, a refillable handheld water balloon; the Tiny, which is self-explanatory; and the WubbleX ⏤ an anti-gravity ball that comes with multiple cans of helium.

Admittedly, the FAQ on the Wubble Bubble website ⏤ which has the feel of an “As Seen on TV” infomercial, mind you ⏤ does read a bit like the disclaimer for the aforementioned Happy Fun Ball. But don’t worry, they’re safe. And they don’t contain any PVC, Latex, BPAs, or phthalates, so there’s that too.

Wubble Bubbles are currently sold in all the big-box stores and online and start at around $15. Whether or not they’ll be the toy sensation that’s sweeping the nation this holiday season, however, is still up in the air ⏤ floating, like a bubble, of course.

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