The Easiest Way To Add Spider Webs To Your ‘Haunted’ House

Bonus: Can be modified into a Spiderman-style web shooter!

by Dave Baldwin
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As the odds of being bitten by an irradiated spider before Halloween are low, consider the WebCaster Gun the next easiest way to spray your “haunted” house with realistic-looking spider webs.

First, you’ll to have to decide which of the two models of the WebCaster (I or II) is for you. Both look like glue guns from the local arts and craft store, use the same ‘ammo’ cartridges, and are designed to produce professional “movie quality cobweb effects” in the comfort of your own living room. The only difference is that one attaches to an air compressor (minimum 90psi with air tank), the other to your vacuum cleaner. To use, all you do is load the web cartridge, warm it up (Kris), and fire. That’s it. If you want to figure out way to hide it under your sleeve so it looks like you’re shooting from your wrist Spidey-style, by all means, go for it. Based on the cartridges you buy, you can create webs in myriad haunting colors including orange, black, and glow-in-the dark.

One slight caveat worth noting: The CG is recommended primarily for outdoor use, i.e. scaring the crap out of trick-or-treaters who come to the door, but can be used inside. You just have to be careful. Cleanup is suppose to be as simple as wiping the cobwebs up, but they do note that windows and plastic may prove tougher to clean (you have to use citrus-based solution). And getting it out of carpet? Well, the odds are probably better that you’ll be bitten by a radiated spider.

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