The SNOO Smart Sleeper Calms Your Crying Baby So You Don’t Have To

Leave the judgement at the nursery door, thank you very much.

by Dave Baldwin
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Despite the instant camaraderie that comes from chatting about your lack of sleep with other new parents, getting out of bed 50 times a night to soothe a crying baby sucks. Even when you take turns. And since it’s now recommended that your baby sleep with you for up to a year — making it even more awkward to invite a night nanny to crash on your bedroom floor (“Sooo… here’s your sleeping bag …”) — this “smart'” bassinet calms your crying infant so you don’t have to. #dontjudgemedammitimtired

Developed by the dude behind the Happiest Baby On The Block book, Dr. Harvey Karp, the Snoo Smart Sleeper uses three integrated microphones to monitor your baby’s (but thankfully not your) crying and soothe them back to sleep with an optimal mix of white noise and vibration. It automatically selects the type of noise (soft rain, heartbeats, etc.) and volume level, as well as type of motion (slower swing, “faster jiggles”) and speed, based entirely on how agitated or relaxed your child sounds. And to make sure they sleep safe, the Snoo also comes with 3 easy-to-wrap, “5-second swaddles” (in sizes from 5 to 26 pounds) that attach to clips in the sleeper to ensure the baby can’t roll over onto their belly.

Now, before you get too up in arms about parents shirking their responsibilities by letting a machine care for their kids, Dr. Karp does point out that thing isn’t a miracle worker. It can’t feed your baby or change their diapers. And if they keep crying, you’re going to have to pull that pillow off your head and clock in. That said, who doesn’t want help during those early months?

On top of all that, the name sounds like a Dr. Seuss character and it looks mod stylish in your bedroom with its sleek lines, wood trim, and clean double-mesh sides. It’s designed to be used until your kid’s 6-month birthday (or until they can climb on their hands and knees, whichever comes first) and even features a gradual weaning function that will get them ready to make the jump to a crib. In another room. Where your night nanny, hopefully, has a sleeping bag.

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