The Perfect Starter Rod For Your Young Fly Fisherperson

Brilliant casting.

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If you want to teach your kid the virtue of patience, take them fly fishing. They’ll either bask in the hours of stillness required to land that first catch, or they’ll sulk for hours watching you fish after immediately quitting in frustration. Either way, they’re not going anywhere for a while. Regardless of how they learn the lesson, the Orvis Encounter is a perfect first rod for a new fly angler, with enough performance features to grow with them. We know, because we asked this guy.

Reviewers nearly unanimously praise the 8’5″, 5-weight Encounter as the perfect starter outfit for both them and their kids, noting its sturdy construction and high-quality design. It’s built and tested for fishing trout and small bass in freshwater bodies of all sizes. Perhaps most importantly, it’s reasonably priced at just $160, so you don’t have much to lose if your kid decides they’d rather us it as a very floppy light saber.

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