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The Nokia 3310 Is A Reboot Of The Classic Brick Phone Buried In Your Basement


If you’ve ever found yourself handing Junior an iPad so you can spend more time sending work emails and thought, “You know what, I should really dig that old brick phone out of the basement and disconnect more,” well hold the f–ing line. You may not have to go through old boxes after all. No, the Finnish company that owns Nokia just announced it’s rebooting your favorite ‘dumb’ phone from the early aughts ⏤ and you’re going to want to take a look.

Okay, so even if there’s no way in hell you’re giving up your smartphone anytime soon (“Seriously, how would I post pictures of my kid to Facebook?”), the beauty of the new Nokia 3310 is that it would actually make a great starter phone for your suddenly hip 5th-grader. It’s sleeker and more round than the original (but equally as tough), has a 2.4-inch color display, and comes in 4 colors ⏤ 2 glossy (red and yellow) and 2 matte (dark blue and gray). It uses 2G connectivity for voice, text, and light internet surfing, and boasts an FM radio, MP3 player, and 16 MB storage with a MicroSD card slot. Even better, while the phone has a 2MP rear camera with flash (so they can still take fun pics with their friends, yay), there’s no front camera. And thus, thankfully, no selfies.

Nokia 3310 Retro Phone

And, finally, in case you forgot how great the battery life was on those old phones, here’s a reminder: It can go over a month on standby without needing to be charged. Yes, the kinder, gentler days of ‘cell’ (not ‘smart’) phones. Anyway, the 3310’s not dropping until the spring, but if you sign up on their site, they’ll let you know when it’s out ⏤ by email, of course. That you’ll ready on your phone. While Junior plays on the iPad.

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