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The Longboardstroller Is Exactly What It Sounds Like


Quinny, a popular European stroller company, has developed the ultimate product for skateboarding fathers. The Longboardstroller is precisely what the name suggests: a stroller seat engineered into a 4-foot long skateboard, with liberal amounts of awesome sprinkled throughout. And it’s finally available for purchase! Sort of. Your long, national nightmare is finally over — as long as your nation is part of the European Union.

The Longboardstroller is no gimmick. The deck has a drop design that situates the rider below the trucks for a lower center of gravity, and the components are legit — Tracker trucks and ABEC 11 wheels, both designed for high speed carving. The only things keeping it from being simply a high end longboard are the hand brake (because bailing is highly discouraged) and the modified Zapp stroller seat (because that’s the whole point of the Longboardstroller).

Unfortunately, due to some vagaries around product safety laws, there are currently no plans to bring it to the country where skateboarding was invented. This is, of course, entirely unacceptable, and leaves you with 2 choices: wire your Dutch Uncle €599 (about $688), or drop Quinny a line here to demand that their brilliant invention make it to the Land Of The Free and home of the X Games.

Buy Now $€599

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