This NPR-Meets-‘Pigs-In-Space’ Podcast For Kids Is Even Weirder (And Funnier) Than It Sounds

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The good old days weren’t always better, but it’s fairly safe to say that today’s kids’ shows are severely lacking the gonzo ’70s psychedelia of Monty Python, the Muppets, or the absurd cartoon shows that helped mold you into the fine, upstanding gentleman you are today. Thankfully, at least one artist out there wants to warp your kid’s mind in the best way possible, with a new show called The Imaginary Accomplishments Podcast.

Todd McHatton is best known for making psychedelic pop for kids that his Kindie rock peers The Pop Ups describe as “Somewhere between Harry Nillson and Jefferson Airplane.” His various acts have been described as “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for kids” and ” Cheech & Chong for kids.” So he’s probably the perfect person to create a podcast he describes as “an imaginary NPR style rock and roll space comedy” … for kids.

McHatton voices 3 monsters named Larry, Marvy, and Finch, who host an intergalactic radio show about champions of sports, culture, and entertainment from throughout the universe, which they broadcast from their red and white rocket ship. Original music moves the narrative along, with occasional breaks for imaginary news coverage and ad placements, all loaded with absurdist humor. From time to time you’ll also hear “behind the scenes” action from the galactic newsroom as the hosts get caught in the action of the stories they’re telling.

You’ll instantly recognize the NPR style McHatton is going for, the subtly hilarious jabs thereof, and all the winks and nods in your direction. Your kids will be swept up in the expertly produced, immersive audio storytelling, and emerge with even more vivid imaginations and a much higher likelihood of doing their part to support the local station’s membership drive in a few years.

The Imaginary Accomplishments Podcast by Todd McHatton (iTunes) (Soundcloud)

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