The Helio Educational Night Light Teaches Kids Words While They Fall Asleep

Also, about US Presidents.

by Dave Baldwin
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helio educational night light

Few things are funnier than a toddler talking themselves to sleep at night by recounting every last detail of their (apparently) very hectic day. You realize how much of a sponge their little brains are. And also, that Miss Julie from day care may be breaking up with her boyfriend. But what if you could instead use that quiet time before bed to teach them words, or math, or which President passed the Sherman Antitrust Act ⏤ and all while they slowly dozed off to sleep? The Helio Night Light makes it happen.

The simple (albeit pricey) LED nightlight/clock projects everything from multiplication tables, to sight words (by grade), to how fast a cheetah can run. All you do is place one of the themed discs on top of the light, turn it on, and say goodnight. Your kid can then spend the next 20 minutes prepping for their big debut on Toddler Jeopardy.

Helio’s sold in 4 colors (green, orange, blue, pink) and comes with 5 starter discs: Tropical Night, Solar System, Sleep Times, Marine Life, and Speed Animals. Additional disc sets are available for $7 a pop in their online store and run the gamut from the aforementioned math and reading topics, to subjects like state maps, presidents, and world cities.

If it all feels a little too Tiger Dad for you, you can also opt for some good old fashioned fairy tales or nursery rhymes. Or, you know, just use it as a warm nightlight (it’s good for that too) while you eavesdrop on all the gossip from day care.

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