The Han Solo Movie LEGO Toys Look Incredible

Why such a small taste?

by Raz Robinson

As if fans and toy retailers needed more reasons to be excited about Disney’s second Star Wars anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story, leaked photos of the LEGO sets created to accompany the film have hit the internet and they look pretty damn cool. The sets provide a full, albeit cartoony look at the film’s leading characters, including Han Solo, who has amazing hair and the same jacket as ever.

Beyond giving fans a look at everyone’s favorite jaded space smugglers/gamblers, the leaked images provide a sneak peek at Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra, who looks all business, and Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian, who looks all party. Also depicted in the leaked imagery are the potentially menacing Corellian Hounds, dog-like creatures native to Han Solo’s home planet. Figures of the two main characters are will be sold as part of two larger LEGO sets, one of a land speeder and another called the “Kessel Run Millennium Falcon.” This suggests that Han Solo’s clearing of the famous Kessel Run in 12 (not 14!) parsecs will be central to the films plot, which one assumes will otherwise revolve around him and Lando getting their hair done.

This isn’t the first time that leaked images of LEGO sets have given fans a first look at some of what to expect from a new Star Wars movie. More than a month before the film was set to release, those who were biting their nails in anticipation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, received a leaked description of a LEGO set outlining certain details surrounding the films final battle. The LEGO leak related to the Han Solo movie offers fewer plot details than the Last Jedi leak, but tis arguably more exciting for information-starved fans of both Star Wars and LEGO.